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Aging-in-place and real estate services for families and older adults

Live Independently, Safely and Confidently

Navigating physical and emotional challenges, making necessary home modifications, preparing for emergency situations, and accessing supportive services and resources give peace of mind to all.

Without proper planning and support, aging-in-place can be uncomfortable, unsafe, and isolating for older adults.

Not every home is suitable for every resident. We change as we age and our house should accordingly. 

You probably picture yourself living happily in the home you have raised your family in, where you know every nook and cranny. But unfortunately...

You Deserve a Safe Home That Allows You To Live on Your Terms

Once you work with me, you will feel confident in managing daily activities within and around the house. You will look forward to days with friends and family and maintain a positive outlook.

The concept of Aging-in-Place has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more older adults are opting to live in their own homes for as long as possible. However, Aging-in-Place can come with its own set of challenges, including mobility issues, isolation, and difficulty accessing necessary resources.

This is where The Senior Strategist comes in. By providing you with tailored solutions to your unique needs and challenges, we empower you to Age-in-Place with confidence and independence. Our solutions range from simple mobility aids, such as grab bars and stairlifts, to more complex home modifications, such as installing walk-in tubs or wheelchair ramps.

We also offer a range of social and emotional resources to combat isolation and promote mental well-being. These may include group exercise classes, community events, or even virtual support groups for those who are unable to leave their homes.

My goal is to sit down and listen to how you want to live in your home and show various ways we can make that happen. I know safety is a top priority along with maintaining independence and avoiding isolation. 

I'm Amy.

kind words

— sarah c.

"Amy was able to pick out all of the features we loved most and tailor our choices to fit our needs perfectly. She quickly adapted when we found something new or different we wanted to add. Very knowledgeable, had tips, ideas and useful information about all of the properties." 

- niki t.

"She worked closely with our family to help ensure all the steps were taken for setting a timeline, being sensitive to our family’s needs and going above and beyond with excellent communication and knowledge of the market and area. She is a gifted and attentive person and it was truly a blessing to work with her."

- Judy K.

"Amy Roberts was our awesome realtor. She was great at staying in contact with us every step of the way in selling our home. She even helped us with moving things out of the house to get it ready to show! She advised us well and found us a buyer as soon as she held an open house. We are completely pleased with all of her hard work and results!"

During this call, we’ll talk about your experiences and what you need help with to come up with a tailored action plan.

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