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Aging in Place: Tips for a Safer and More Accessible Home

Aging In Place Real Estate

With a few adjustments and modifications, you can make your home safer and more accessible to continue enjoying an independent and comfortable lifestyle as you age. De-clutter, install grab bars and handrails, install non-slip flooring, improve lighting, and more. Learn how in this article.

As we age, we all want to maintain our independence and stay in our homes for as long as possible. But as the years go by, our homes may not be as easy to navigate as they once were. The good news is that there are some simple ways to make your home safer and more accessible as you age.

Here are some easy tips to ensure your home stays a safe and comfortable place for years to come.

1. De-clutter and clear the pathways

We may find it harder to maneuver through our homes as we age. A cluttered environment can be a tripping hazard and make it challenging to move around. Start by removing any unnecessary items that may be taking up space. Also, create a clear pathway to move freely from room to room. Consider the height of your furniture or appliances and ensure they are accessible.

2. Install grab bars and handrails

Ideally, your home should have at least one grab bar installed in each bathroom. Grab bars are inexpensive to provide extra support and stability in areas around the house where balance may become an issue. Handrails are also essential for the safety and stability of the elderly.

3. Install a raised toilet seat

A raised toilet seat is an inexpensive and practical way to make your bathroom more accessible. Installing a raised toilet seat is ideal for individuals who experience difficulty with sitting or standing.

4. Install non-slip flooring

As we age, slips and falls can become significant hazards. If your flooring is slippery, consider installing non-slip flooring in high-risk areas like the bathroom or kitchen. It will provide a safer walking and standing surface for you.

5. Improve lighting

Poor lighting can affect our ability to see hazards and obstacles around us. Ensure your home has adequate lighting in all areas with brighter light options. Proper lighting increases safety and greatly enhances your home’s overall appearance.

In conclusion, aging in place doesn’t have to be risky, and with a few adjustments and modifications, you can continue to enjoy an independent and comfortable lifestyle. By implementing the tips above, you can make your home safer and more accessible without sacrificing style and comfort. Remember, a properly maintained home is essential to maintain independence, and these simple modifications can go a long way.

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